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Top 10 Best Cheap Golf Balls of 2024 To Get Now

Golf is indeed a sport that can be a bit heavy on the pocket. But guess what? Scouting for top-notch yet best cheap golf balls doesn’t have to be a Herculean task!

You may not realize it, but there are different varieties of golf balls available in the market. Manufacturing them is not an easy task and golf balls are made using variety of methods. The kind of golf ball you choose can significantly influence your game, depending on your playing level. If you’re someone who takes the game seriously, you’re likely to be very selective about your golf ball, particularly when it comes to those crucial moments near the green.

But here’s the good news! Whether you’re just stepping into the world of golf or you’re a seasoned player who tends to lose a few balls during a round, we’ve got your back. We firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to have a fantastic game. That’s why we’ve put together a fabulous list of the best budget friendly golf balls of 2024 that not only offer great value but also promise stellar performance on the green.

The Best Cheap Golf Balls

Here is a list of some of the most top-rated affordable golf balls you can buy for yourself.

1. Srixon AD333: The Pro’s Choice (Precision and Speed)

Step up your game with the remarkable Srixon AD333, a golfer’s dream come true, especially if you are venturing into the professional realm. This three-piece marvel, enveloped in a durable polyurethane cover, is a blessing for those with moderate swing speeds.

Dive into the world of seamless golfing with its 338 Speed Dimple pattern that promises reduced drag and a flight path as consistent as a pro’s swing. Thanks to the innovative Spin Skin Technology by Srixon, you can now enjoy enhanced control over your greenside spins. What’s more, its lower compression rating means you can achieve greater distances with swifter speeds and minimal backspin.

Although available only in a pristine white hue, these balls are crafted to rectify certain glitches in your game, offering a trajectory that’s as steady as it is powerful. Experience improved distance control and shot distribution, making it a breeze to execute those desired shots with precision.

However, keep in mind that the ball adopts a progressively firmer texture from its core to the surface, amplifying the speed upon impact. This might not sit well with players preferring a softer touch, a factor worth pondering over while making your choice.


  •  Consistent trajectory
  •  Increased launch
  •  Reduced drag
  •  Provides Good speed and short game control


  •  Some players may find it excessively firm.
  •  Sometimes, it gives less spin around the green.

2. Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Balls: The Gentle Giant (Soft Touch and Control)

As we venture further into our list of budget-friendly golf balls, the Srixon Men’s Soft Feel golf balls emerge as a top contender, catering to golfers with varying swing speeds. This two-piece wonder, boasting a swift layer core coupled with a slender ionomer cover, is a treasure trove of features.

Experience stability like never before with its 338-speed dimple pattern, facilitating a steady flight and unparalleled control over your shots. The dynamic gradient growth core unleashes a burst of power during tee shots, promising an exhilarating start to your game.

Despite their resilience and low driving spin rate, these balls offer remarkable distance even at slower swing speeds. However, they might fall a tad short when it comes to the distinctive feel on the clubface.

Aiding your aim on the greens is the bold black alignment line, a nifty feature that adds to its appeal. Tailored for golfers with medium to slow swing speeds, these balls optimize range without compromising on the greenside feel.


  • A low compression golf ball.
  • Good value for money.
  • A softball that feels great on all shots
  • Exceptional soft touch and distance in the long game.


  • The durability could be improved.
  • There isn’t enough spin around the greens.

3. Callaway Magna Golf Balls: The Beginner’s Best Friend (Easy Launch and Distance)

Making a grand entry next is the Callaway Magna Golf Balls, a game-changer in the world of golf. These super-soft, super-long balls are a hit, especially among newcomers and young enthusiasts, offering a refreshing departure from the choices for seasoned players.

Its oversized structure, paired with a construction that promises greater distances and a consistent launch, is a boon for junior golfers with slower swing speeds. Witness the magic of high MOI and a centered gravity point that facilitates shots with higher launches and remarkable consistency.

The low compression core is the secret behind its swift speeds and straight shots with reduced spins. Moreover, the HEX aerodynamics are fine-tuned to augment flight and distance, minimize drag, and offer a lower spin rate.

Designed with a higher center of gravity, the Magna is a perfect match for players with slower swing speeds, facilitating an easy launch that enhances ball flight and distance. Available in vibrant white and yellow hues, these balls offer great value, making them an ideal starting point for budding golfers.


  • Newly designed HEX Aerodynamics
  • Aerodynamics are optimized to reduce drag while increasing lift.
  • Low Compression Core
  • A Soft Trigonometry cover design generates shot-stopping wedges spin as well as an excellent feel.
  • In terms of price, it is a good starting point for new golfers


  • Not recommended for high swing speeds
  • Not so good for curvy shots.

4. Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Balls: The Mid-Handicap Marvel (Soft Feel and Precision)

Dive into the rich legacy of Srixon, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the golfing arena. With a commitment to delivering durable and high-quality products, Srixon stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of golf equipment and accessories.

The Q-Star Tour golf balls are a testament to Srixon’s expertise, offering a 3-piece design that promises a faster spin compared to its counterparts. With a moderate compression rating of 72, these balls are a golfer’s delight, especially catering to those with a mid-handicap.

Experience the magic of the spinskin coating and urethane cover that Srixon has perfected over the years. The revamped spinskin coating is now softer by over 25%, promising an unparalleled feel every time you strike the ball.

Maximize your game’s potential with the 338 dimple pattern that enhances distance by minimizing drag and amplifying lift. If you’re in pursuit of a golf ball that embodies the essence and performance of a tour ball, your search ends here. The low compression core adds to the allure, offering splendid spin control, a delightful perk for mid-handicap golfers.


  • Improved alignment due to long decal arrows during putting
  • They have a soft compression core that creates reduced driver spin
  • Provide exceptional performance and value for the price.
  • Produce great ball control.


  • Not so good on the greens as compared to premium golf balls.
  • Not recommended for players with higher swing speeds.

5. Vice Drive Golf Balls: The Budget-Friendly Gem (Great Spin and Carry)

Step into the world of affordability without compromising on quality with the Vice Drive Golf Balls, a market leader in budget-friendly golf balls. Featuring a two-component structure with 318 dimples and a robust DuPont Surlyn cover, these balls are a haven for golfers with slower to medium swing speeds.

Designed with an eye on affordability, these balls cater to a diverse group including seniors, women, and players with slower swing speeds. They stand as an excellent choice for weekend golfers seeking a cost-effective solution without sacrificing performance.

Tailored for players with low to medium clubhead speeds, these balls promise to minimize driver spin while maximizing distance, making them an ideal companion for slower swing players.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Distance is really good.
  • Price is extremely affordable.


  • Not as soft as other golf balls.
  • Not suitable for higher swing speeds.

6. Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls: The Soft Sensation (Great Feel and Distance)

Discover the soft, long, and straight journey with the Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls, a name that resonates with quality and performance. These low compression balls promise great distances with reduced spins, offering an exceptional feel that is hard to match.

Experience the joy of low spin off the irons, which translates to better distance and a straight flight that is a delight, especially around the green. The secret to its incredible feel lies in the unique Soft Trinomere covering, making it a must-try for anyone seeking a soft feel coupled with great distance.


  • Better Spin & Provide Long Distance
  • Travel Faster
  • Highly Durable
  • Ideal for both professional as well as newbie golfers.


  • No Color Variation available
  • Slip during shooting if you are going to make a wrong hit due to the dura cover

Wilson Golf Tour Velocity: The Distance Dynamo (Exceptional Feel and Trajectory)

For those keen on enhancing their game distance, the Wilson Golf Tour Velocity emerges as a clear choice. These budget-friendly golf balls boast a sophisticated 2-piece construction that promises exceptional durability and a delightful feel.

Experience the wonders of a solid core coupled with a dimpled surface, a design that promises maximum sensation and a significant boost in distance. The low compression core with a 70 rating ensures a smoother ball that covers long distances with ease.

The revamped dimple pattern is a boon for players seeking a superior flight trajectory, resulting in longer flights without burning a hole in your pocket. Experience the tour feel at a fraction of the cost, with durability that might surprise you.


  • Ideal for high handicap players
  • Suitable for golfers with any swing speed 
  • Has an excellent feel
  • The dimple pattern gives the extra launch


  • The shorter wedges are unable to produce the perfect spin with this golf ball.

8. Mizuno RB 566 Golf Balls: The Apex Master (Enhanced Distance and Feel)

Step into the future of golf with Mizuno’s latest offerings, the RB566 and RB566V golf balls, a perfect blend of innovation and performance. The RB566 stands out with its unique 566 micro-dimple design, a feature that significantly delays the descent rate beyond the flight’s peak, promising to take your game distances to new heights. Coupled with a broad, soft compression core, it ensures a steady, straighter release, while the Ionomer cover guarantees an exceptional greenside feel and longevity.

Tailored for players with medium to slow swing speeds, especially in warmer settings, and adaptable to all swing speeds in colder or softer ground conditions, the RB566 is a versatile choice. Currently available in vibrant orange and yellow hues, it adds a splash of color to your game. Meanwhile, the RB566V, constructed with three layers, optimizes launch velocity, offering a slightly higher launch angle, making it a powerhouse on the course.


  • Highly Durable
  • A great ball for all skill level golfers
  • They look beautiful and are less expensive than other balls.
  • Perform great even in windy/wet situations.


  • Hard to hold on to the greens
  • The short iron produces a lot of spin with these balls.

10. TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls: The Gentle Powerhouse (Soft Feel and Consistent Long Game)

Discover the original and superior Noodle golf balls by TaylorMade, crafted meticulously for golfers boasting a medium swing speed ranging between 80-90MPH. These balls feature an extraordinary number of dimples, a design that curtails air drag and amplifies its travel distance, making it a favorite among golfers.

As many golfers age, they seek comfort and quality in their golf balls, and this easy-distance ball, with its soft nature and premium quality, becomes their go-to choice. The 342 aerodynamic dimples reduce friction against wind direction, enhancing distance and making it a friendly choice for handicappers.

But the wonders don’t stop here. The Noodle Long and Soft also houses a 34 compression core, amplifying its distance while providing a gentle feel. TaylorMade has indeed created a masterpiece that retains an awesome feel even after numerous rounds, standing as one of the best budget-friendly golf balls in the market.


  • Has an amazingly soft feel with a compression rating of 34.
  • Many golfers report a consistent long game using these golf balls.
  • Easily affordable.
  • Highly Durable due to IONOTHANE technology.


  • Might not perform so well with a quick swing.  

10. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls: The Distance Dynamo (Supreme Feel and Value)

Embark on a journey of enhanced speed and distance with the Callaway Warbird Golf Balls, a marvel in the golfing world with its high-energy core and 2-piece construction. The IONOMER cover not only grants it an exceptional feel and control but also promises durability that stands the test of time.

The Callaway Warbird is a distance maestro, potentially improving your yardage with each game. While it might not offer ample spins and control around the greens for some, it stands as a beacon for those seeking to maximize their distance, without burning a hole in their pocket. If you’re aiming to elevate your distance and propel the ball further, giving the Callaway Warbird a try might just be your best decision.


  • Supreme Feel & Control
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Impressive distance with a greenside feeling.
  • HEX Aerodynamics minimizes drag and promotes higher launch for enhanced speed.


  • It may not provide enough spin from around greens for some.

Final Thoughts:

Stepping into the exciting world of golf doesn’t have to be heavy on your pocket, especially when it comes to picking the right golf balls. The good news is, we’ve got a list of the best cheap golf balls that are not only easy on your wallet but also great for your game!

Before you grab a pack, take a little time to think about what you really want from your golf balls. Check out the number of dimples on the ball, as it can affect how the ball flies. Also, pay attention to the type of cover the ball has, because it can change how the ball behaves on the green. Don’t forget to consider how soft or hard the ball feels when you hit it, as it can make a big difference in your game. And of course, think about what you want to achieve with your shots – maybe you want to hit farther, have a ball that spins more, or get better at hitting your shots accurately.

These reviews are here to help you find the best budget friendly golf balls that won’t break the bank. They can guide you to make a choice that will not only improve your game but also add more fun to your time on the green. So, get ready to enjoy a great game of golf without worrying about spending too much. Let’s make your golfing adventures more enjoyable and budget-friendly!

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