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Top 10 Best Colored Golf Balls of 2023 for Great Visibility

Get ready to add a splash of color and excitement to your golf game with the best colored golf balls! Did you know that traditional white golf balls can sometimes be difficult to track and follow, leading to frustration on the course? That’s where colored golf balls come in, offering improved visibility and a touch of personal style.

Not only do these vibrant and eye-catching golf balls make it easier to locate your shots, but they also bring a sense of fun and individuality to your game. Imagine teeing off with a brilliant red, electric blue, or sunny yellow ball that stands out against the green backdrop, making a statement with every swing.

But it’s not just about aesthetics – colored golf balls are designed with the same performance-enhancing features as their traditional counterparts. You can expect the same level of distance, control, and feel while enjoying the added benefit of enhanced visibility.

In this article, we have carefully curated a list of the best balls available, considering factors such as visibility, durability, and performance. Join us as we dive into this world and discover the perfect choice to elevate your game and showcase your unique style on the fairways. Get ready to tee off in style and turn heads with your vibrant shots!

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The 10 Best Colored Golf Balls:

Here is a complete list of some of the best high visibility golf balls which you can easily find in the market.

1. Volvik Vivid Matte Golf Balls – “Vibrant Vistas”

Embark on our journey of the best high visibility golf balls with the Volvik Vivid Matte Balls. These striking golf balls boast a range of bright colors that make them impossible to miss in the air. Whether you find yourself navigating a deep rough or challenging terrain, tracking this beauty is a breeze, minimizing the chances of losing the ball.

The Volvik Vivid Matte golf balls feature a captivating matte finish on the cover, adding another level of charm to their already eye-catching design. With a three-piece construction using identical materials as other golf balls, what sets them apart is their high gloss finish.

Designed with an ionomer cover and a 322 dimple pattern, these golf balls offer a constant and stable flight, ensuring exceptional performance on the course. Furthermore, the Volvik Vivid Matte balls have a Volvik compression rating of 75, providing the perfect balance of distance and control.

  • The unique matte finish makes the ball glow in the dark
  • Volvik Vivid Matte Golf balls are the best option for 70-95mph swing speed
  • They are beneficial in putting alignment arrow
  • Provides some extra free yards on every shot
  • Volvik Vivid Golf balls scuff easily, but the scuffs are hard to see

2. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls – “Dynamic Delights”

Catering to golfers of all handicaps, the 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are a true winner. With a four-layer construction, these balls deliver unparalleled durability without compromising on performance. Beyond their high visibility, the design and texture of the Callaway Chrome Golf Balls are simply remarkable, making them an attractive choice on the course.

Featuring a dimple pattern of 332 dimples and a compression rating of 75, these golf balls provide a consistent and reliable ball flight. While visibility may be a bonus, these balls excel in their main features, offering exceptional distance, control, and feel.

  • The best option for all handicappers
  • These balls have a very durable cover
  • Callaway Golf balls have a very soft buttery feel and spin on green
  • Callaway Chrome Soft Golf balls are much expensive

3. Volvik T2 Ionomer Long Distance Golf Balls – “Distance Dynamo”

If you’re a high handicapper seeking both visibility and impressive distance, look no further than the Volvik T2 Ionomer Long Distance golf balls. Offering a cost-effective solution, these balls can be purchased by the dozen without breaking the bank.

With a two-piece construction featuring an ionomer body rather than Urethane, these balls are specifically designed to maximize distance. Perfect for golfers with low swing speeds or higher handicaps, the Volvik Long Distance colored golf balls are a game-changer.

While they may not provide the same level of performance on greens as other options, these Volvik balls feature a dimple pattern of 322 dimples, which is a common feature among the renowned Volvik ball range.

  • Provide great distance
  • These balls are available in multiple colors
  • The pricing of these balls is pretty reasonable
  • Not so good for low handicappers

4. Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls – “Spin Sensation”

The Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls take visibility and performance to new heights. With their three-piece construction and Surlyn cover, these balls offer exceptional spin control and increased distance. Bridgestone added a third layer to generate extra spin, building on the success of their previous e6 model.

The design and matte red color of the Bridgestone e12 balls exude a classic charm, making them both unique and fascinating to behold on the course. Thanks to aerodynamic optimization, these balls assist in reducing slice and hook spin on full shots, resulting in more accurate and consistent performance.

Featuring a dimple pattern with 326 dimples and an average compression of 61, the Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls offer a softer feel compared to Bridgestone’s previous offerings. Get ready to experience a new level of spin and control with these exceptional golf balls.

  • Bridgestone e12 has a durable cover, which would not scratch easily
  • These balls are very soft and provide a consistent feel
  • The ball launches high as getting hit for some extra carry
  • Higher pricing as compared to its competitors

5. Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Balls – “Supreme Softness”

With a compression rating of 77, the Volvik Vimax Soft golf balls are specifically crafted for golfers with average swing speeds below 95mph. As the name suggests, these balls provide an incredibly soft feel on greens, ensuring a unique and enjoyable experience. Available in an array of vibrant colors, you can choose the shade that resonates with your style.

Featuring a two-piece construction and a dimple pattern of 322 dimples, the Volvik Vimax Soft golf balls offer an ionomer cover that enhances greenside control and delivers a supremely soft feel. With their bright colors, these balls make it effortless to spot your shots both on and off the field, while providing excellent performance and a remarkable feel throughout your game.

  • Volvik Vimax soft balls are the best option for players with a swing speed of 75 to 95 mph
  • Two-piece power core construction initiates a high launch to provide some extra carry to the shot
  • The ball is very soft and has multiple colors
  • Durability needs improvement

6. Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls – “Gentle Giants”

When it comes to quality in the game of golf, Callaway is a name that stands out. The Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls exemplify the brand’s commitment to excellence. These balls are the perfect choice for slow swingers and beginners looking to enhance their game. The incredibly soft feel of the ball helps increase distance off the tee, and you’ll be amazed to learn that it has a compression rating of just 35!

Featuring a two-piece construction with an ionomer cover, the Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls deliver a lower spin for extra yards on every shot. In terms of design, these balls boast a traditional look but are available in vibrant pink. Apart from being visually appealing, the pink color enhances visibility, allowing golfers to track the ball both in the air and on the course. For those seeking a high-quality golf ball at an affordable price, Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls are the ideal choice.

  • Callaway Super Soft golf balls are the best option for slow swingers
  • The pricing is very reasonable as compared to its features
  • The ball is pretty durable and reliable
  • The ball may be too soft for your liking

7. Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls – “Brilliant Brilliance”

Renowned for their quality, Srixon offers high-visibility golf balls that excel in both durability and visibility. Even the pure white color balls from Srixon are easier to spot than other white golf ball brands. Among their range, the Srixon Z-Star XV golf balls are a standout choice, available in yellow for maximum visibility.

With a compression rating of 102, these balls offer a slightly harder feel. The 338 dimple pattern ensures improved flight performance and additional gains in shot accuracy and distance. Remarkably, the Srixon Z-Star XV golf balls feature a four-piece construction with a Urethane cover, contributing to their exceptional durability.

Offering an economical price point without compromising on performance, Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls are the perfect option for those seeking a durable and visible golf ball.

  • Srixon Z Star XV golf balls are much brighter than any other available in the market
  • The pricing is pretty economical
  • The 4-piece construction provides some extra spin, and the distance to the shot
  • The ball is a bit hard and not appropriate for newbies

8. Volvik Powersoft Golf Balls – “Colorful Powerhouse”

Standing out in our list of the best high visibility golf balls, the Volvik Powersoft golf balls boast an essential feature – their vibrant colors. With a range of color options, the red-colored Volvik Powersoft golf balls are particularly captivating.

Suitable for mid to high handicappers, these balls feature a 372 aerodynamic dimple pattern that ensures a consistent and stable ball flight. The oversized power core initiates explosive ball speed, offering an impressive combination of distance and performance.

With a compression rating of 77, the Volvik Powersoft Golf Balls are designed for golfers with average swing speeds, providing enhanced distance and control. Elevate your game with these visually stunning and high-performing golf balls.

  • Volvik Powersoft golf balls have a variety of bright color options
  • Powersoft golf balls consist of an ionomer cover for greenside control
  • The 372 aerodynamic dimple pattern provides optimal ball flight and stability
  • Better options for high swingers in this price range

9. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls – “Swing Speed Masters”

TaylorMade Project (a) golf balls are the ultimate choice for golfers seeking low spin, reasonable pricing, and great distance. These balls cater to low to medium swing speed players, offering a winning combination of performance and value.

Featuring a core with a compression rating of 70, these balls provide an excellent soft feel, particularly for golfers with swing speeds below 100 mph. The low compression ensures optimal distance and control, making the TaylorMade Project (a) golf balls a true blessing for the average golfer.

  • Taylor Made Project (a) golf balls are pretty durable
  • These golf balls are the best option for golfers with an average swing speed
  • Excellent grip
  • Amazing feel and distance
  • More Spin with drivers.

10. TaylorMade TP5 Pix Golf Balls – “Artistic Precision”

Finally, we end our list of the best colored golf balls with the Taylor Made TP5 Pix golf balls. These balls are pretty different from all the other products mentioned above as they have a five-piece construction with a thin layer of Urethane which ensures the ball’s durability.

Concluding our list of the best colored golf balls, the TaylorMade TP5 Pix golf balls stand out with their five-piece construction and thin layer of Urethane, ensuring durability and exceptional performance.

Available in yellow and white, these balls feature a dimple pattern of 322 dimples, guaranteeing shot stability and accuracy. The latest design incorporates shallow dimples that reduce air drag and enhance shot distance.

With a compression rating of 85, the core of TaylorMade TP5 Pix golf balls caters to golfers with average swing speeds, offering the perfect balance of power and control. Enjoy a remarkable feel, fast shot speed, and higher launch with these top-of-the-line golf balls.

  • Taylor Made TP5 golf balls deliver more distance and extra stopping power
  • The bright colors of these balls provide excellent ball visibility and reduce the risk of a ball lost
  • Highly durable
  • Is excellent for both short and long distance
  • Little bit expensive

Ultimate Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Colored Golf Balls

When it comes to selecting the perfect colored golf balls, there are several factors to consider. Follow these tips to ensure you make the right choice:

1. Cover: The Crucial Outer Layer of Performance (Surlyn or Urethane)

The cover of the golf ball plays a crucial role in its performance and durability. Golf balls typically feature covers made of either Surlyn or Urethane. Surlyn covers are more affordable and provide a good strike feel and spin, making them ideal for recreational players. Urethane covers, on the other hand, are preferred by professional golfers for their premium quality and enhanced control, offering superior spin and greenside performance.

2. Dimples: Optimal Aerodynamics for Consistent Flight (Depth, Shape, and Quantity)

The dimples on a golf ball greatly influence its aerodynamics and flight characteristics. While the number of dimples is important, the depth and shape of the dimples are equally crucial. Aim for a golf ball with around 330 to 400 dimples, as this range provides optimal airflow and lift, resulting in a consistent and stable flight pattern.

3. Construction: Unveiling the Layers of Performance (Two-Piece to Five-Piece)

Golf balls are constructed with varying numbers of layers, typically ranging from two to five. The construction of the golf ball impacts its spin, feel, and control. Two-piece golf balls offer maximum distance with reduced spin, making them suitable for beginners and players with slower swing speeds. Multi-layered golf balls, such as three-piece or five-piece balls, provide enhanced spin and control, making them ideal for more experienced golfers who prioritize precision.

4. Color: Enhancing Visibility and Personal Style on the Course

The color of the golf ball can greatly impact its visibility and aesthetics. Traditional white golf balls can be challenging to track, especially in certain lighting conditions or against bright backgrounds. Colored golf balls have been introduced to address this issue, offering enhanced visibility and easier tracking. Opt for vibrant colored balls that stand out on the course, making it easier to locate and track your shots. Additionally, choosing a color that resonates with your personal style adds a touch of individuality and flair to your golf game.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the best colored golf balls:

What color of the golf ball is more visible?

Yellow-colored golf balls are most visible because yellow contrasts strongly with the color of green color making them easily visible. However, red, orange, and blue golf balls can also do the job for you.

Do Pro Golfers use colored golf balls?

Of course, they do. No rule restricts the use of colored golf balls in the tournament, so professionals can use any color of the golf ball.

When to use colored golf balls?

There are no conditions for using colored golf balls; you can use them whenever and wherever you want. However, these balls look great on a sunny day against puffy white clouds.

Are Yellow Golf Balls easier to use?

Indeed, they are. Yellow golf balls are the most visible golf balls among all. These balls are easier to track on both air and the ground. In fact, these balls are easier to hit too.

Final Words:

Golf is one of the leading sport of today’s time. Millions of people worldwide play and enjoy this game. Advancements are made in this game, day by day, to provide the best stuff to the golfers; colored golf balls are one of them.

In this article we have given you complete information and details about the best colored golf balls available in the town today, you can choose the one you need. We have also provided the links to the products. In order to get a product, you just have to click the link, and you will be directed to the desired page.

If you liked this article and are looking for more interesting articles like these, please share it with your family and friends. In case of any queries or you want to share your experience or you have any other product in your mind, you can let us know by commenting below. We would love to assist you.

Thanks for reading!

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