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The Best Golf Balls of 2021

If you are in a hurry to find the best golf balls of 2021, then we recommend the Titleist Pro V1.

Golf is one of the most professional games in the world. Choosing the Best Golf Ball is super important for your game. You might think that it’s just a ball? But that’s not how it is. There are different types of golf balls, each with its specifications and performance.

Each year, many companies spend thousands of dollars working hard to provide their customers with the best quality equipment. No doubt, they make a lot of profit doing this business.

An excellent golf ball might not make you the best player. However, there is a significant difference between a great shot and an average one. Everything counts in a professional game, and when it comes to one, you probably want to get your hands on the best equipment out there.

Choosing the right ball can be a nightmare for many people, especially those who are new, as there are tons of great balls to pick from with a bunch of good and bad reviews. But don’t worry, as we have reviewed and made a list of the best golf balls for your skill level and budget.  

Best Golf Balls of 2021:

1. Titleist Pro V1:

When it comes to manufacturing golf equipment, none can beat the Titleist Company, especially the Titleist ProV1, as it is the king of all golf balls.

Before the 21st century, a tour ball used to be so soft that you can only play with it for a while, and you would have to change it after a few games.

In short, it was challenging to have both feel and distance, but then the Pro V1 was introduced, and the rest is history.

Titleist Pro V1 has a high flight and can produce great spin for the golfer where they want it to be. It is specially designed for those players who want great spin along with a higher trajectory and a solid feel.

Titleist is also working on different types of new technologies to produce new and better balls each year with the aim of providing maximum performance on the golf course.

The 2.0 ZG reformulated Process Core in the ProV1 is responsible for increasing its distance. The all-new high-flex layers are highly resilient, which provide it with great speed and optimizes its spin in the game for the best results.

The soft cast elastomer cover is considered one of the softest formulations provides extra spin with better control.

  • 1. Has an incredible speed.
  • 2. Increased distance.
  • 3. Highly trusted brand.
  • 4. Used by professionals.
  • 1. A little bit pricey.

2. TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball:

The TaylorMade TP5 is another great multi-layer ball that offers low spin and works really well, especially around the greens. It is considered among the best balls ever produced by TaylorMade and used by many professionals. And once you start playing with it, you’ll know why it is so popular among players.

The TP5 is powered using the Tri-Fast Core technology and a dual-spin cover featuring an extremely durable urethane cover. The Tri-Fast core is super important as it helps to promote low drag and maximum carry. The speed layer system and the HFX have four stiff layers that help to increase the speed.

No matter what the conditions are, the TP5 stands tall among its competitors. It helps players improve their game and score better than ever.

For those who want to score the best and beat their competitors, TaylorMade TP5 is undoubtedly one of the best choices.

  • 1. Provides great distance.
  • 2. Has an excellent soft feel.
  • 3. Better launch angles.
  • 1. Somewhat expensive as compared to other choices.
  • 2. Low spin players might not notice a big difference after switching from another ball.

3. Callaway Chrome Soft:

Next up on our list of the best golf balls is the famous Callaway Chrome Soft. It has an incredibly soft and fast core and a DuraSpin cover that provides you with the premium touch and feel that every player desires.

It is designed in such a way that it gives lower spin with longer shots, ultimately resulting in better and longer distance shots.

The Callaway Chrome Soft has two different materials in its outer core, which were designed to aid both the higher swing player and the slower swing speed player.

Other than its outer core, the Chrome Soft also features a superb inner softcore, leading to faster and longer distance shots. Callaway has used four-layer technology that includes covering the two inner layers using a thin mantle layer. You will also find a soft urethane cover outside the ball that provides it with an ideal grip. All these fantastic features make Chrome Soft a great tour-level golf ball. If you love to play with slower swing speeds, you will surely enjoy playing with it due to its soft inner core.

  • 1. Highly durable.
  • 2. Provides a great distance.
  • 3. The soft cover provides a great feel.
  • 4. Players can easily locate their ball due to its Truvis pattern.
  • 1. Low compression design is disliked by some players.
  • 2. Feels a little bit hard with shorter irons.

4. Vice Pro Plus:

The Vice Pro Plus is a must to include when it comes to the best golf balls. The Vice Pro Plus is available in 3 different versions, white, red, and green. Besides the customization, it features a unique four-piece construction pattern for excellent performance.

Vice Pro Plus also features a Urethane cover which provides an excellent feel and softness. Its exterior features a 336 dimpled design which gives it a boost while flying through the air.

The urethane cover is prone to yellowing when exposed to sunlight, but Vice solves this problem by adding another layer of a special coating that is the BJ13 which helps the ball stay white and maintain its visibility on the field. The fourth and final covering is mainly added for a better spin rate and lower launch.

The Vice Pro Plus is developed in such a way that it provides excellent control on the greens along with great distance, thanks to its S2TG technology that provides excellent spin and feel. Besides all these great features, the vice pro plus has a visible putting line named KIL, i.e. (Keep in Line); this will help to align the ball efficiently without any problem.

  • 1. Extremely durable.
  • 2. Provides a stable and long ball flight.
  • 3. Soft feel around the greens.
  • 4. Decent spin rate.
  • 1. The finishing looks a little bit dull to some golfers.

5. BridgeStone Tour B XS:

If you are a golfer who wants both feel and distance, then you should undoubtedly take a look at the Bridgestone Tour B XS. Bridgestone manufactures impressive golf balls, and among them, the Tour B XS is one of the most famous ones.

Bridgestone Tour B XS features a new “Reactiv” technology. The aim is to make this ball have a soft feel and a high spin rate without losing distance. Bridgestone believes that by using this new Reactiv Urethane technology, they can separately focus on both distance and spin. Due to this, they can now increase both things simultaneously.

The Tour B XS features high spin, designed explicitly for low-handicap players looking to hit the perfect shot in a short spin game.

The Tour B XS is very soft. It gives a cushiony soft feel to your hands. No matter what you are hitting it with, it is exceptionally soft. This is precisely what every player expects from a high-spin ball.

It is mainly designed to provide maximum control through the spin and tends to offer more spin-off the tee as compared to a typical distance ball.

  • 1. Can easily produce high spin.
  • 2. Great golf ball around the green.
  • 3. Features a great combination of both distance and spin.
  • 4. Highly recommended for Tour Professionals and lower handicap players.
  • 1. The high spin rate can be challenging to control for those players who are new.
  • 2. Might not be as straight as the other options out there.

6. TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft:

The TaylorMade Noodle long and soft golf balls, as their name suggests, are designed to be long and smooth, giving a fantastic feel and better distance. They feature a 342 aerodynamic design, which helps them to fly against the wind easily.

They feature a highly soft 34 compression core which provides the golfer with a lovely feel unlike any other ball out there.

The best part of these golf balls is that they are cheap compared to the other choices and provide you with a great distance and feel.

They are technically made for golfers who have a moderate amount of swing speed ranging from 80-90MPH. The average number of dimples helps to reduce the air drag and provide longer distance shots easily.

If you are looking for a long-distance, soft feel and an easily affordable golf ball, then this Taylor Made Noodle Long and Soft is just the right choice for you.

  • 1. Highly affordable.
  • 2. Has a soft feel and touch.
  • 3. Great spin rate on the greens.
  • 4. Easy to compress.
  • 1. Are not so easy to control as compared to other golf balls.
  • 2. Offer a single color only.

7. Srixon Z Star:

Next up on our list is the Srixon Z star. It is one of the top golf balls with various characteristics that many golfers love, especially the low handicap ones.

The Srixon Z star uses “Spin Skin technology with Slide-Ring Material, ” also known as SeRM. It is a urethane compound that coats every single corner of this ball. The Srixon Z star is among the first balls to use SeRM. Srixon says this will help the ball dig into your iron grooves to maximize spin and give you more control and stopping power on each shot.

The Fast layer core is unique because it starts soft in the center but gradually becomes firm around the edge, giving an exceptionally soft feel and incredible ball speed with maximum distance.

Other than these features, the Srixon Z star features a 338-speed dimple pattern, which helps create the least drag and more drift while maintaining straight flight and giving a great overall distance even when the wind conditions are at their worst.

  • 1. The fast layer core design gives incredible distance and feel.
  • 2. Control and stopping power is great.
  • 3. Available in tour yellow and white color.
  • 1. A little pricey.
  • 2. Players with above avg. Swing speed might have a little difficulty controlling it.

8. TaylorMade RocketBallz:

The TaylorMade RocketBallz is another excellent golf ball with a fairly soft texture. Its outer layer is made up of IOTHANE, which ensures multi-layer spin performance.

The construction is excellent, with nice dimples ensuring super speed at each and every shot. As this ball belongs to the premium category, it means that it is designed for those golfers who have a moderate swing speed ranging from 90-100 mph.

It has a two-piece construction which means that it features both high velocity and a soft control. The 360 dimples on the outer cover help the ball slice through the air.

These balls are highly durable as compared to any other ordinary balls, thanks to their unique cover made up of IOTHANE, which is famous for its superb durability. All these features come at an affordable price which is extremely good for golfers with a tight budget.

  • 1. Budget Friendly.
  • 2. The design of the ball gives superb control.
  • 3. Lasts longer time as compared to other golf balls.
  • 1. Its trajectory might feel a little bit low.
  • 2. May bounce off the green sometimes.

9. Taylor Made Tour Response:

When we talk about the TaylorMade Tour Response, we are actually talking about the golf ball, which has 100% pure Urethane Cover. And obviously, this cover comes with a lot of benefits, such as a softer feel, more distance, and a greater spin rate along with the greens.

This Tour Response is pretty easy to compress due to its super low compression rating. This means that it has the excellent potential of transferring energy resulting in greater distance.

It features a three-piece design with a urethane cast cover and low compression core, as discussed before. Laying in between is the “speedmantle” layer surrounding the soft inner core and providing greater speed.

The TaylorMade TourResponse is available in both white and yellow colors, especially for those who face trouble in finding their golf ball in the turf.

  • 1. Comes at an affordable price.
  • 2. Great spin around the greens.
  • 3. Smooth and soft feel.
  • 1. Might not be so great for golfers with low swing speeds.

10. TaylorMade Project A:

We end our list with TaylorMade Project A, which is undoubtedly an incredible golf ball, especially for mid-range golfers who desire more spin around the greens. It has a low compression rate of 70, which is designed to help players with a swing speed of 100 or less.

The Taylor Made Project A is made for golfers looking for more than just a simple distance ball. It has a three-piece design having a low compression core, mantle, and a urethane cover. 

The Taylor Made Project A features an extremely high-performing urethane cover giving a better spin and feel. Many good golf balls feature a urethane cover as its soft and sticky nature makes it great around the greens.

If you are looking for great spin along with distance, then you should surely give TaylorMade Project A a shot.

  • 1. Has a fantastic feel.
  • 2. Provides great spin
  • 3. Highly durable.
  • 1. Distance might be a bit less as compared to other high-quality golf balls.

What to see when buying a golf ball?

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider while buying a golf ball. Among them, price and construction are the most important ones that you need to check out.

1. Price:

One cannot compromise on performance when it comes to choosing the best golf ball in the market. Obviously, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a single ball but don’t go with the wrong choice just because of the price tag.

Make sure to check out all the features of the golf ball you are going with, whether it’s suitable for you or not. And then, according to its features, check its price tag. It’s pretty apparent that it might be a bit pricey if the ball is of great quality and features. At the end of the day, please don’t go with the wrong option, as it’s only going to make your game harder.

2. Construction:

Construction is something you really need to pay attention to as it defines the quality of the ball. Many golfers don’t know the main difference between a firm and soft golf ball? A firm golf ball will provide you with more distance, while a soft one will give more spin around the greens.

Try to choose golf balls with urethane or IOTHANE cover, as they are definitely the best when it comes to durability, distance, and swing speeds.

Golf balls with dimples are certainly better as they certainly reduce air resistance, providing you with more distance.

Take a look at its features and get the one which suits your skills.


  1. If the cover of the ball gets damaged, will it reduce the performance?

    If there’s a minor crack or missing paint, it won’t really affect the ball flight. But if you notice proper cuts on the ball, it will definitely impact the ball’s aerodynamics. If you see the cover of the ball damaged visibly, then it’s time for you to get a new golf ball for your game.

  2. Do direct-to-consumer balls have the same performance as the ones from big companies?

    Many direct-to-consumer balls produce good golf balls, but brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, and many more produce excellent equipment that cannot be compared with. If you play golf casually just for fun, you might consider direct-to-consumer brands, but it’s better to go with professional manufacturers if you are serious about your game.

  3. What does compression mean?

    Compression is basically the measure of firmness and related chiefly to feel. The higher the compression of a ball is, the harder the ball will be and vice versa.


The golf industry has evolved a lot, especially in the last two decades. There are tons of golf balls for you to choose from. We listed the 10 best golf balls with their pros and cons. It’s best to choose according to your needs and game and not just by seeing someone else.

If one doesn’t work out for you, don’t be afraid of trying something else. Different combinations can help you determine the best golf balls for yourself. That being said, good luck with your golf game.

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