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Top 10 Best Golf Balls for Cold Weather (Updated 2023)

Which brand has the best golf ball for cold weather? This is a compelling question that many golfers ask. Different temperatures affect all balls, even the top ones in the market. In cold weather, many golf balls don’t fly further than they used to in hot conditions.

This is due to the fact that Golf balls lose a few yards in the winter because the air is denser, which results in significant lift and drag, causing the ball to fly somewhat higher and shorter. If the golf ball becomes extremely cold, this might impact the material’s properties, resulting in reduced initial velocity off the clubface.

If you’re like most golfers, you probably don’t want to stop playing just because the weather gets cold. In fact, some of the best golfing can be done in the wintertime! However, playing in cold weather can be a real challenge if you don’t have the right equipment. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 10 best golf balls for cold weather. These balls will help you stay on your game and enjoy your time out on the course, no matter what the temperature is!

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Top 10 Best Golf Balls for Cold Weather 

With so many different types of balls on the market, which ones are the best for playing in chilly weather?

Here at ProtonGolf, we’ve researched for you and compiled a list of the most suitable balls for playing in chilled temperatures. 

So let’s get down to it.

1. Callaway SuperSoft Golf Ball

Cold-weather golf isn’t just for youngsters. If you’re a senior golfer, though, you’ll need a quality golf ball that can help you in difficult situations like winter or windy days. And for this purpose, Callaway SuperSoft is the ideal choice for both young and senior players since it is adaptable to all levels of experience.

These golf balls live up to their name by having an ultra-low compression (35), resulting in a fantastic performance. The large high-speed core and hybrid cover are what give the ball this low compression rating.

The Paraloid Material is a fundamental factor in the ball’s durability against cold temperatures. Callaway and DOW chemicals enhanced the speed by combining it with a larger, softer core and creating greenside spin control in the process.

The 2021 Supersoft Balls, like many other balls from the Callaway, use the same dimple pattern. Each ball has 332 hexagon-shaped aerodynamics with various sizes and depths. Those designs reduce drag and aid in straightening the ball flight.

This is undoubtedly one of the most flexible balls in the Callaway range, and it feels fantastic when hit in cold conditions.


  • Provides great distance
  • Awesome Feel
  • Great Visibility
  • Great soft feel around the green
  • Ideal for players with slow swing speeds


  • Not so good for those with faster swing speeds.

2. Bridgestone e12 Contact:

Bridgestone e12 Contact golf balls are perfect for playing in the rain, as they reduce slippage and provide more control. These golf balls have never been a problem, as they are designed to repel water. So next time it rains on your tee time, don’t worry about the conditions of the course — just relax and enjoy your game, knowing that you have chosen the right equipment.

The key to peak performance lies in the new and innovative dimple design, which focuses on a visible raised area in the center. This design allows 38% more contact with the clubface at impact, allowing outstanding energy transfer during your swing.

Apart from the distinctive dimples, the new Bridgestone e12 balls have a three-piece tour quality construction. The ionomer is used to make the coat, which is thin. It can provide more benefits rather than just preventing your golf ball from getting wet.

The Bridgestone e12 contact balls are available in four different colors. You can choose between red, green, and yellow in a matte finish or white balls. These flashy colors not only make it easier to see the ball in flight and on the green but also improve contact for better performance.


  • Provides straight flight without significant spin
  • Greater energy transfer
  • Better spin around the greens
  • Highly durable material


  • The ball flight does not assist golfers in shaping shots

3. Srixon Soft Feel

A couple of bucks here and there doesn’t seem like much, but losing golf balls constantly can go heavy on your wallet. Our recommendation? Srixon Soft Feel. It’s undoubtedly the best affordable Golf Ball out there. You’ll save a lot of money while having fun during the winter season.

The name of this product, Srixon ball, implies that it is meant to create the feeling of being off the tee. They have a thin ionomer coating which allows for enhanced speed, feeling, and greenside spin. With only two layers and a low compression total (60), these balls will surely provide an excellent golfing experience.

Their design features 338 dimples, which work to lower air resistance and keep the ball going in a straighter line. The Srixon Soft Feel balls are forgiving and responsive, allowing them to limit their hooks and slices more easily.

People’s swing speeds and distances are typically reduced in the winter. Softness is a crucial element in the performance of these balls. Even if you have an 80 mph swing speed or less, these balls will fly and spin readily. These balls are pretty soft to spin and frequently fly even if you swing at 80 Mph or less. In severe climates, this is an important and beneficial feature for most golfers.


  • Provides amazing distance
  • Soft feel
  • Can be used by both mid and high handicappers
  • Great Visibility


  • Can get scuffed due to its thin coat

4. Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls

The e6 golf ball from Bridgestone outperforms the competition in cold weather conditions. It is available in two colors, has a low compression core, and gives average golfers the distance and feel they desire.

Their thin ionomer cover makes these balls so great, which helps them provide great distance by absorbing the force and transferring it into the core.

The compression is modest (50), so mid and slow-swing speed players can use them with no issue. The best part is that you can easily control them without worrying about the rainy or snowy weather.

The Bridgestone e6 balls are available in bright colors, making them highly visible and easy to track. The daylight feels less intense in the fall and winter, so these balls are beneficial during these conditions when golfers need to improve their contact.

You can easily boost your handicap number and your scores, thanks to the spin and the distance of these golf balls. With all these benefits, you surely wouldn’t want to miss them out on your next winter golfing season.


  • Feature a highly durable material
  • Amazing feel
  • Provides good distance
  • High visibility makes them easy to track
  • Straight flight


  • Feature only two-piece construction

5. TaylorMade Tour Response:

Winter weather is tough on golf balls, with snow and even rain. Low-quality golf balls can’t stand up to all of that. You need something well-made that will last longer and provide incredible performance, like the TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball.

The TaylorMade balls are composed of three pieces. The first layer features 100% tour cast urethane. This thin layer has an essential impact on the ball and makes it softer. The Speed Mantle is a second, more durable layer that transfers energy quicker.

The core of the Tour Response is low compression. This hi-spring component increases the absorbing force and transmits it into speed, enabling the ball to fly straight and far.

The Tour Response’s dimples combined with the preceding design can aid in the creation of more backspin, which helps the ball to land on the target easily.

Now when we talk about playing in rough conditions, you need to make sure that you are using durable equipment. And TaylorMade Tour Response is the perfect ball that you need. No matter how rough and tough the conditions are, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Providesimpressive spin control and feel around the greens
  • Great distance
  • Highly durable
  • Suitable for use in rough conditions


  • Not so suitable for fast swing players

6. Vice Pro Plus

As all golfers know, the wind significantly impacts our game. It’s difficult to control the ball’s flight, and we may lose more balls than usual. However, windy days are no longer obstacles if you use the Vice Pro Plus golf balls.

Unlike many other golf balls, the Vice Pro Plus features four-piece construction covered with thin cast urethane. The first two parts are made specifically to increase the ball’s durability and performance.

The 336 dimples design with a high-resilient core helps to transfer the energy throughout the ball, providing straight and high flights.

The ball flies lower than typical tour balls. So your shots can now easily avoid the wind problem. You may reduce your shot loss by avoiding slices and hooks while still hitting the target.

The pearl-white, UV-resistant cover was created with the BJ13 covering. Even after a lengthy period of use, your standard white balls retain their color and seldom become yellow.

Green is not among the most popular colors among golfers. However, they adore the lime color of Vice Pro Plus. It’s mainly like the bright green that stands out in light conditions and can be seen from far away. Unlike other red balls with a gloss finish, the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls have a matte finish, making them easier to track in the sky.


  • Have an amazing feel around the green
  • Significantly long tee shots
  • When putting and chipping, you may easily control your shots.
  • High visibility makes them easy to tract
  • Perfect for short and windy games


  • The thin cover can get scratched sometimes

7. Srixon Distance Golf Balls:

The next golf ball on our list is the Srixon Distance. This model is one of the most popular choices in its category.

Srixon keeps introducing modifications to its new design, which has a softer compression than the previous model. This is to assist in delivering maximum distance and a more elevated launch angle for a brilliant ball flight.

Srixon reports 108 fewer dimples on the ball, which will, in turn, lead to less drag and more lift; this guarantees better performance no matter the wind conditions. Not only will low handicappers enjoy this golf ball, but high handicappers will as well because of the durable cover. It features better cut-proof durability, making it a great value overall.


  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Excellent for high handicappers
  • Great Ball Flight and Speed


  • The cover is very hard and tough


Decathlon’s Inesis Soft 500 Golf Ball features a two-piece construction and is designed for golfers with slower swing speeds, as the low compression will help enhance their distances. Even though it’s not among the top 3 softest golf balls, it still has a good performance and is playable around the greens.

Perhaps the most enticing feature is its price which is a deciding feature for many players. With six colors to choose from, three standard and three matte colors, you’re bound to find the perfect shade for whenever the visibility is poor.


  • Low compression promotes a slower swing, which then generates more energy and finally results in increased ball speed.
  • Highly affordable
  • Each pack contains tons of golf balls.


  • Provides average grip around the greens
  • Only claims to offer moderate grip around the greens

9. Wilson Velocity Distance Golf Balls

Wilson’s Velocity Distance golf ball is one of the best options for cold weather play. The low compression and hard ionomer cover material help optimize trajectory for maximum distance.

Numerous tests have shown that this ball significantly improves your tee shots. The aerodynamic dimple pattern makes it easier to hit the ball further. Not only are these balls durable, but they also won’t leave scuff marks easily, even if they hit the concrete. The Wilson Velocity Distance has a low-compression overall, but its mid-compression core makes it playable on the greenside too.

The Velocity Distance is also one of the best-value golf balls on the market, with three extra golf balls included in the box. Overall, it’s a great golf ball for people who want to hit farther with their tee shots.


  • The velocity distance provides an excellent value for those who are just getting started.
  • The aerodynamic dimple pattern increases power.
  • Excellent Distance
  • Highly Durable


  • 10.Some Golfers feel the cover is too hard on putts

10. Titleist TruFeel

If you’re looking for a low-compression golf ball to use in colder weather, then look no further! The Titleist Trufeel is an excellent choice that features a two-piece construction. It’s available in three various colors and is among the budget choices when it comes to Titleist Balls.

The TruFeel balls have a specialized cover called TruFlex, made by combining ionomer and urethane. By utilizing these materials, we can limit the negative aspects while enhancing the positive ones — meaning more benefits for you, the golfer.

The core of the Titleist ball is called TruTouch, which provides a smooth feel and helps transfer energy to the ball more efficiently. In addition, each ball features unique 376 TruFit aerodynamics that helps lower air drag and straightens the flight path.

With TruFeel’s innovative design on the surface, you won’t have to draw any lines on your ball before putting it in alignment. The stamp is red, and some players find that it might be an annoyance at times.

Nevertheless, the benefits of this golf ball far outweigh any cons.


  • TruTouch core for increased energy transfer
  • 376 TruFit aerodynamics for straighter flight paths
  • Innovative design doesn’t require lines to be drawn before putting
  • Highly Affordable
  • Has an awesome feel


  • The red stamp might be an annoyance for some players.

Buying Guide and Tips and Tricks:

When the temperature starts to drop, it’s crucial to have the suitable golf balls to stay on your game. Here are some tips on how to buy the best golf balls for cold weather:

1. When looking for golf balls for winter, make sure to get a ball that is designed for colder weather. There are various types of golf balls on the market, so it’s important to find one that is specifically made for playing in colder temperatures.

2. Golf balls designed for winter play tend to be harder and more durable than regular golf balls. This added durability enables them to withstand colder temperatures and maintain their bounce and rebound properties.

3. When choosing golf balls for winter, consider how much you will be paying for them. Although they may be more expensive than regular golf balls, they will be worth it if you plan on playing in cold weather conditions often.

4 Maintaining the optimum temperature for your golf balls is key to keeping them in pristine condition. When not in use, store them in a cool, dry place away from extreme heat or cold. An easy way to do this is to get quality golf ball storage.

5. Golf balls that are designed for winter playing will typically have a higher compression rating. This means they will be harder and will compress more when hit, resulting in longer, straighter shots.

6. Many golfers prefer to play with a softer ball during the winter months. Golf balls that are softer tend to feel warmer to the touch. They can provide spin and control that may be desired to improve your game.

7. If you’re looking for maximum distance, choose a golf ball with a low compression rating. Balls with lower compression ratings will travel farther than those with higher ratings, so if you’re trying to hit the ball as far as possible, this is the type of ball you should choose. Low compression golf balls compress less when hit, resulting in longer shots.

8. Problems controlling your shots? One potential solution is to use golf balls with dimples. Dimples can help to provide steadier airflow around the ball, resulting in more consistent results. So if you’re struggling with control, it might be worth trying them. Dimples help to create lift and reduce spin, making it easier to hit straight shots.

9. Golf balls that are designed for winter play will often have a thicker or softer cover. This added layer helps to protect the ball from the cold and keeps it from losing its bounce.

If you’re looking for the best golf ball for cold weather, it’s essential to consider all of your options. There are many different types of balls on the market, so take the time to find one that suits your needs. With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect ball for your game.


What is the best golf ball for cold weather?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best golf ball for cold weather will vary depending on individual preferences and playing styles. However, some of the best golf balls for cold weather include those that are designed specifically for winter play, such as more rigid and durable balls that are able to withstand colder temperatures.

How to choose the perfect chilled weather golf ball?

There are several benefits of using a golf ball designed specifically for winter play. First, these balls are typically harder and more durable than regular golf balls, so they can withstand colder weather conditions. If you’re struggling with control, try using golf balls with dimples. Dimples help create lift and reduce spin, making it easier to hit straight shots. By considering all of these factors, you can find the best golf ball for cold weather that suits your individual needs and playing style.

How do I store Golf Balls in Cold Weather?

Many golfers prefer to store their golf balls in a cool, dry place away from extreme heat or cold. This is especially important during the winter months when golf balls can become damaged if they are exposed to extreme temperatures. An easy way to do this is to invest in a quality golf ball storage container.

Will my regular Golf Balls work in Cold Weather?

That depends. If you’re playing in freezing weather, your regular golf balls may not work well. They may become too hard and lose their bounce, or the cold may affect their performance. For best results, it’s recommended to use golf balls designed specifically for winter play.


Temperature changes play a big role in the dynamics of golf. Temperature also affects the playing performance of golf balls. Golfers need to ensure that they play with golf balls that are suitable for all types of weather so that their games will be unaffected by changes in temperature.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the best golf ball for cold weather. However, by considering your individual needs and playing style, you can find a ball that suits your game. Our top pick is the Callaway Supersoft due to its superb features.

We hope that you like our article. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

Happy Winter Golfing!

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