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The Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers 2021

Are you also a high handicapper? You must be thinking of various ways to improve your game and make your journey easier.

Since you’re a high handicapper, you would look for the best golf balls for high handicappers. The structure of the golf ball contributes to your performance. Golfers are ecstatic when they improve their play and win the game. Practice and talent are undoubtedly influential when it comes to golf, but owning proper equipment is also an important aspect that you need to understand as it highly influences your performance.

As a high handicapper, you need to find the ideal and suitable equipment for yourself so that you can improve your game and become a pro golfer.

Various types of golf balls are available in the market, each with its own distinctive features influencing the game. Choosing the perfect one can help you improve your game significantly and also gain the upper hand.

You would think that there isn’t much difference between the best and the worst, but you’d be incorrect. While many players will spend their money on new clubs, true professionals will tell you that choosing the perfect ball is just as vital.

Now we understand that choosing the ideal golf ball isn’t easy, and that is why we have prepared this review for you listing the best golf balls for handicappers.

Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers 2021

1. Titleist Velocity:

The Titleist Velocity is a genuine distance ball from the market’s leader. The synthetic-blend Ionomer cover decreases spinning, providing straight shots, and is durable enough to endure 18 holes.

Even if one ball gets misplaced, you don’t need to worry as it’s the cheapest golf ball in the Titleist inventory. The Titleist velocity features a high-speed LSX core which provides it with excellent speed.

The LSX core is covered by the NaZ+ cover, which provides excellent durability. It also features 328 dimples along with a unique tiled tetrahedral design which gives incredible distances by optimizing flight trajectory.

Overall, the construction advancements provide the ball with long-distance, low spin, and excellent control on all shots. To sum it up, Titleist Velocity is definitely worth a shot if you want to increase your distance.

  • Has a pretty good stopping power
  • Has a high and straight flight.
  • Longer Distance
  • Easy to control on the green.
  • Extremely durable
  • Distance drops when short irons are used.
  • Less spin on the greens.

2. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls:

The Callaway Supersoft is one of the most famous golf balls due to its fascinating features. It is loved by every golfer, especially the ones who are high handicappers.

The surface is made using IONOMER cover, and the cover having fine trigonometry giving a low compression rating.

The Compression and unique design of the Callaway Supersoft make it the ideal choice for golfers who desire to gain distance on their shots.

This golf ball also features a 2-piece design which is quite helpful in maintaining accuracy on each shot.

The low compression characteristics of the Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Ball make it the most fantastic golf ball for the typical player. It aids the high handicapper in increasing his speed, hitting accurate shots with excellent distance.

It gains a competitive advantage because of its hex aerodynamic design. Its shape heavily reduces drag while increasing the lift for a long-distance shot, making it ideal for players who want to maximize their speed and hit straight shots.

Other than its cool features, the Callaway Supersoft is available in a variety of colors such as white, matte pink, matte green, matte red, matte orange, and yellow. Now you can select your favorite colors and enjoy the game as much as you want.

The Callaway Supersoft ball is perfect if you have a slow swing speed. Furthermore, it adds some range to your strikes. And when you compare its cost to its efficiency, it’s clear that it provides great value.

  • Low spin, lower drag, and fine lift
  • Excellent feel on a wedge face
  • Ideal for straight flight
  • Affordable price
  • Available in different colors.
  • Some golfers might consider it extremely soft
  • Lacks spin around the greens.

3. Srixon Q-Star Tour 2:

The Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 is another excellent choice for a typical golfer. It is specially designed for medium swing speed players and offers tour-level performance.

They are three-piece golf balls with a sensitive, low-compression core that offers tour-level fairway control from long distances. The Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 is also built to go long and straight with a modest stroke.

Another advantage is the urethane covering with 338 optimal speed dimple design, which lowers drag and allows a smooth ride in any weather conditions, at maximum range.

They are assured to provide you with a low spin on your full strokes, allowing you to acquire much reasonable control on the course.

In short, the Srixon Q-Star tour is a great distance ball providing tour-level performance around the green. These golf balls are an excellent alternative for high handicappers looking to improve their game.

  • Provides long-distance shots
  • Low Compression gives a soft feel
  • Affordable price
  • Less greenside control.
  • Not recommended for players with high swing speeds.

4. Bridgestone e12 Contact:

Bridgestone has replaced both its previous e12 soft and e12 speedballs with a new and better type, i.e., Bridgestone e12 Contact.

The e12 Contact has many distinctive properties, among which its contact force dimple pattern putting 38% more surface area makes it easily recognizable and is the key to its performance.

The elevated area provides more area between the ball and clubface, resulting in highly efficient power transmission and core activation.

It has three-piece construction with 326 dimples and an IONOMER covering, making it durable and providing high launch.

All this results in a great range, speed, and precision with each club and a better spin around the greens due to higher levels of impact.

Above all, it’s available in various colors such as white, matte yellow, matte red, and matte green. If you are a high handicapper, you should definitely give it a shot.

  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Great performance around the greens.
  • Features a 3-piece design.
  • It is recommended for players with more clubhead speeds.

5. TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball:

Like the Tour Response, the Soft Response is one of two TaylorMade balls that reside below the premium TP5. It has a 3-layered structure with an incredible soft feel which comes from the ultra-low 35-compression Hi-Spring core. Additionally, it is provided with a speedmantle layer which maximizes the distances and promotes energy transfer.

The TaylorMade Soft Response features a low compression core with an incredibly soft feel and comes with great benefits, especially for players with medium swing speeds.

It also has a unique extended flight dimple pattern, which is super important for providing distance in a low compression golf ball.

The U-shaped design in the soft response increases its lift and optimizes aerodynamics for reduced drag. Due to this, the ball will remain in the air for a longer time with a lower spin rate.

If you are a golfer looking for both distance and soft feel, then the TaylorMade Soft response is definitely for you.

  • Excellent feel and distance of tee shots
  • Affordable price range
  • Performs well in all weather conditions
  • Not much control around the greens.

6. Volvik Vivid Golf Balls:

The Volvik Vivid’s hyper-colored golf balls have a distinct smooth finish having three-piece construction. It is a superb distance ball designed for golfers with slow-mid swing speeds. The 80-compression area is covered by a tougher mantle, which is the polar opposite of several other low-compression balls.

The zirconium-blend IONOMER coating is durable, similar to urethane, and the brilliant colors are easy to find on the course.

The Volvik Vivid offers increased range off the tee at low to medium swing speeds. The three-piece construction features Volvik’s Nano Bi High energy Resilient Core which can help in getting more distance. Its design also helps to produce a higher launch with lesser spin while using the driver.

It provides an exquisite and soft feel around the greens when chipping, especially for a mid-compression ball. The Volvik Vivid golf balls are best for players with average swing speeds and help them cover the most distance as compared to other balls. 

Volvik claims that the glare-resistant matte coating can reduce distraction and hence improve attention. Choosing the different vibrant colors can also help track the ball through the air quickly.

  • Provides great distance for mid-range swing speeds.
  • Spinning shots around the green have a urethane-like feel to them.
  • Good putting bounce for an 80-compression ball.
  • It has a wide range that suits its loud looks.
  • Slower swingers won’t be able to compress these past the hard mantle easily.

7. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft:

Next up on our list is the Callaway Golf Chrome Soft golf ball. It features a new graphene-induced dual fast and soft-core and a new larger core inside to maximize the compression energy while minimizing the spin simultaneously. The graphene dual-core also results in extra durability and creates a higher launch for long-distance shots.

Callaway Chrome Soft also has a dual mantle system. The IONOMER blend efficiently transfers energy from the Dual Soft Fast Core, which results in more incredible speed.

An outsider ultra-soft urethane cover increases the ball speed and produces low spin on full shots while maintaining the soft feel and grip of the clubface. The aerodynamic design is highly optimized to reduce drag resulting in even greater distance and ball flight.

Above all, Callaway has also designed the Truvis pattern printed on the Chrome Soft golf balls, which is extremely useful in increasing the ball’s visibility during flight and off the clubface. Not only this but finding the ball after the flight is relatively easy. Most golfers agree to this and say that the Truvis pattern helps a lot in tracking the ball after the flight and gives the ball a fantastic look.

  • Provides long-distance.
  • Truvis pattern helps to locate the ball easily.
  • The soft cover provides the ball with an exceptional feel around the greens.
  • Offers tour-level performance.
  • All golfers might not prefer its soft touch.

8. Wilson Staff Duo Professional:

If you look at the largest trend in golf balls over the previous five years, it wasn’t established by Titleist, Bridgestone, or Callaway; it was initiated by Wilson. Wilson’s DUO sparked a race to discover who could make a ball that felt exceedingly soft while performing effectively in all aspects of the game.

The 362-dimple pattern provides enhanced distance and a better trajectory. The Wilson Staff Duo features a 3-piece construction with a cast urethane cover providing an optimum spin around the greens and enhancing durability.

The mid-hardness IONOMER mantle gives a soft feel and better control on short iron and wedge shots. And finally, the low compression core gives it the ultimate soft feel. These unique and breathtaking features make it the ideal and one of the best golf balls for high handicappers.

  • Good distance off the tee
  • Soft feel
  • Cheap price point
  • Feel is too soft for many golfers.

Buying Guide for High Handicappers:

When you are buying your golf balls as a high handicapper, you need to be careful and take a look at some of the essential things in a golf ball that will influence your game and experience overall.

Here is a list of some of the features which you need to look for while buying your set of golf balls.

1. Construction:

Everybody knows that construction is the main characteristic of a golf ball. They are mainly designed as 1, 2, or 3-piece or sometimes even more. The layer heavily affects the performance of the ball. The main question is, how many layers will be good for a high handicapper? The answer is you should go for golf balls with at least 2-piece or 3-piece construction as these balls have low Compression with a better flight. Also, the layers affect the spin, so more layers mean a lower spin.

2. Price:

Budget is definitely one of the most important deciding factors for many people when buying anything. As your goal is to improve your game as a high handicapper, it’s suggested that you should analyze your abilities before buying any set. The important thing to highlight is that it isn’t necessary that expensive balls will turn out to be ideal for you.

Those golf balls might be good overall, but according to your skills and needs, they might not turn out to be the best. The best way to choose is to compare the golf balls’ different characteristics while comparing their price and your needs.

3. Covering:

The outer covering also has an important impact on the performance of the ball. If you prefer straight flights, then the Ionomer or surlyn cover is good for you. Or, if you can manage spin, then choosing the urethane-covered golf balls will be ideal for you.

4. Dimples:

Dimples are yet another essential characteristic of a golf ball. The dimples influence the spin, drag, and response of the ball after being struck. If your goal is to hit long-distance shots with a slower swing speed, then you should go for shallow dimples. Otherwise, golf balls with deeper dimples would be perfect for you if you have a fast swing.

5. Distance:

As we have already discussed, the distance of a golf ball depends on overall construction and characteristics. As a handicapper, you need to look for golf balls that can cover more distance at slow to medium swing speeds. 2-piece or 3-piece golf balls can cover enough distance at medium swing speeds, so you can give them a shot.


  1. What is meant by high handicap in golf?

    The handicapper is a way of determining the ability of a golfer through numerical calculation. The lower the handicap number is, the better the golfer is considered and vice versa. A handicap number higher than 20 is regarded as a high handicap. Golfers with a handicap below 10 are viewed as professionals.

  2. What color should I choose for my golf ball?

    When we talk about color, white is the most commonly used. But being a high handicapper means that you are not professional, so you can also go for various colors. The most common colors for golf balls besides white are yellow, orange, red, with different patterns on them. These colors help you by providing more visibility so that you can find your golf balls on the course without any issue.

  3. What are the best golf balls for high handicappers?

    Golfers have their own particular needs. Much of the time, the high handicappers face trouble with swing speed and control. So the best choices are golf balls that feature low spin rates and are able to cover greater distances with slow swing speeds.

  4. Is the spin rate of a golf ball important?

    Yes, it is. You need to check out the spin rate of a golf ball before buying it. Professionals mostly consider high spin rate. High handicappers should consider golf balls that provide a low spin rate that will provide more distance. As a greater spin rate sacrifices distance, you will need more skills and practice to hit greater distance with high spin golf balls.


Finding the best golf balls for high handicappers is definitely not that simple, with so many choices around. Every golfer, including the high handicapper, has unique talents and skills. And that is precisely why one needs to be fully aware of his own game skills when it comes to choosing golf balls as they also have unique qualities designed for different players; therefore, it’s advised that you do proper research before buying anything.

We covered some of the best golf balls for high handicappers in the market for each and every player. As a high handicapper, it would be best to go for golf balls with low spin and greater distance to help you improve your score significantly. We hope that you liked our article. If you are a beginner, then you should definitely check out our guide on the best golf balls for beginners. Let us know your reviews and opinions in the comment section below. And Good Luck improving your score!  

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