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How to play Golf? Complete Guide!

Golf is no doubt one of the most famous games in the world. Many believe that it is the greatest game ever played by humans. But why is it like that? Why do people love it so much, and what’s so exciting about it?

Golf is not just any other ordinary game. It is the perfect test for your body as well as your mind. This game can be relaxing, rewarding, and also annoying at the same time.

The best part of this game is that you might get angry leaving it and then return a few minutes later and start playing again. That is how it is. In short, a beautiful game that is loved by many around the globe.

How to play golf?

1. The decision to play golf:

Many think that playing golf is relatively easy, and they can get pro at the game within no time. However, the reality is quite different. Making your decision to play golf is the only easy thing here. It’s no doubt that golf is quite fun to play, but as mentioned before, it can be frustrating, especially when you are a beginner.

Even those golfers who have played golf their entire life face difficulty hitting the perfect shots. But as always, learning golf is hard, but it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

Once you have finalized your decision to play golf, stand by it even when things don’t go seem to go too well. Don’t expect to become a pro within a few days. Instead, try to learn from your mistakes as much as possible and work on them as they will help you get better and better with time.

2. Rules of Golf:

Before we get on to the other things, you need to know what are the rules of golf. Here are some of the most important golf rules that you need to keep in mind.

No defense:

Yup, you read it right. You can’t defend in golf. No matter how hard the competition gets, it’s not allowed to interfere in your opponent’s game. The only way to win is to play better than your opponent.

14 Clubs:

When you are playing competitive rounds, you are only allowed to play 14 clubs in your bag. Carrying more clubs than this can result in a penalty which you obviously don’t want.

Original Spot:

If due to some condition, your ball gets in an unplayable position like it gets underwater, or stuck in the bush, then you’ll be allowed to hit the ball from the original spot.

Playing Order:

The player who is the farthest from the hole gets the first strike.

Dress Code:

Many golf clubs have a particular dress code. This doesn’t go for every club, but yes, many clubs are very strict about dressing.

Re-tee the ball:

If the ball falls off due to wind or any other reason that isn’t under your control, you’ll be allowed to re-tee the ball. But if you have shot, and the ball falls off due to the air, then you will have to play the ball where it lies.

One stroke Penalty:

A stroke will be added to your score during a one-stroke penalty even when you hadn’t taken a swing. This mainly occurs when your ball goes out of bounds, or you may lose the ball, or even when you move a ball intentionally.

Two-stroke Penalty

A two-stroke penalty is considered a more serious offense in a golf game. This penalty mainly occurs when you play the wrong ball

3. Golf Equipment:

Obviously, you need equipment to play golf. While many say that golf is a pretty expensive game, and that can be true in some instances but not always. You don’t need to buy the most expensive golf balls and iron, especially in the beginning. If you are tight on budget, you may start off by using used equipment and some relatively affordable clubs.

Before you start thinking about just saving money, you need to know what exactly you will need to play golf. Don’t worry about that as we have prepared a user-friendly guide which you definitely help you understand golf and its essentials.

The pro golfers indeed spend tons of money on golf equipment, but this isn’t the same for those who play golf casually just for fun.

So let’s a look at what you need to start off your golf journey.

Golf Clubs:

The first and the most important thing is golf clubs. Choosing the best golf club can be one hell of a task, especially for a beginner golfer. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience of purchasing golf clubs as you’ll get ample info that you need to choose the best golf club for yourself.

A brand new set of a golf club from a branded company will surely cost you a lot of money. But if you are well informed and know what to choose, you can get all the required equipment within your budget. You can easily buy cheap and complete golf set online from any affordable store, including golf bags and other accessories within just $500.

It is recommended that you start off your journey with a driver, two irons, a wedge, a hybrid, and one putter. This club package is ideal for playing and enjoying golf while maintaining a budget for a beginner golfer. But the same is not the case for advanced golfers as it doesn’t fulfill their needs, and this set won’t be fully customized required for their golf game.

Now there’s another option if you are on a very tight budget. It’s not recommended, though, but you can still go for it if you want to. You can find different types of golf clubs and create your own unique set.

The reason it’s not recommended is that getting different clubs might not match with each other and can interfere in your game later. And obviously, doing this will require a lot of time. So only go for this option if you are on a very tight budget and can manage to pull this off.

Golf Balls:

You can’t play golf without golf balls, can you?

But it isn’t like you can go with any golf ball as it’s the main focus and will directly impact your game and performance. Choosing a golf ball is a crucial task for a professional game, but it doesn’t matter that much for beginner golfers.

When you are learning and practicing your game, it’s better to go with budget golf balls as compared to expensive alternatives. It’s totally not worth spending so much on balls until you are a professional golfer. By spending less here, you can save a lot of your money and use it for other equipment such as clubs, bags, etc. And when you think you are ready for a better ball, you can go for it anytime.

There are also used golf balls available at a lower price. You can find them at various sources. Those who have a minimal budget can go for this option. But even when buying used golf balls, make sure they are in playable condition as golf balls in poor condition can ruin your experience. And yeah, don’t forget to clean your golf balls as dirt can severely affect their performance.


Tee is one of the most simple golf equipment which you need to invest in, but no doubt it also plays a significant role in your game. They are very affordable, and while you have many options, each one is versatile. For beginners, it’s generally recommended that you opt for a large tee since you can always adjust it by pushing it further into the ground.

The drawback to getting a very large tee is that they are unwieldy and take up more space in your bag. Not every golfer will be okay with handling these large tees and trying to fit them into their routine. This might not be an issue at all for you, but it’s something to keep in mind when shopping for tees.

The most important factor which you need to consider while buying a tee is its height, as it will determine how you can strike the ball. The process of selecting a tee height is one that’s determined by trial and error. That’s why you should start out with a large tee and adjust it as needed.

Once you have determined a tee height that allows you to get the ideal strike on a ball, you can purchase tees that are actually designed to sit at that height, and you can stop having to push them deeper in the ground to get the right height.

As mentioned before, tees are highly affordable, and you can easily buy decent tees within $5. Once you determine the perfect height for yourself, you can start by buying tees of that particular height.


Gloves are considered one of the most important symbols of golf in today’s world, and many golfers are willing to pay even thousands of dollars for a pair of gloves.

However, we don’t recommend it at all. Gloves are important, but you shouldn’t spend so much money on a pair of gloves only. You can get quality golf gloves for $20. The main role of gloves is to improve your grip and help you swing better. Obviously, if you can grip your club well, your shots won’t turn out the way you want them to be.

Comfort is also important while choosing gloves. A pair of comfortable gloves will prevent blisters, itchiness and improve your grip and overall game.


When playing golf, you’ll be walking around the golf course in your shoes for many hours. It is essential that you find a pair of highly comfortable shoes for yourself.

And when we say this, we really mean it. It is highly recommended that you do proper research and find a pair of golf shoes which are suitable for you. Comfort is one thing, but other than this, the golf shoes should also have a proper grip to help you perform well and maintain your posture when hitting the ball.

Branded golf shoes might cost up to $100 or even more, but they are a solid investment that you shouldn’t take lightly as they will definitely benefit you in the long run.

How to master Golf Swing?

Once you are done getting the basic knowledge and ready to get started, you need to start working on your skills and master your swing.

As you improve your swing and give it more and more time, the better control you get over your ball placement. Now the question is, how can someone master the golf swing? The answer is pretty simple. You can master golf swing by practicing it more and more. The more you practice, the better you will get eventually.

Mastering swing is not just about hitting the ball. It is about the transformation in which you are carrying yourself while hitting the ball and maintaining your whole body posture.

Analyzing yourself is very crucial if you want to improve your swing. It would be best if you analyzed your footwork, grip, placement, shoulders, and even breathing. As you improve more and more, you will start realizing what role each factor plays and how improving it can help you get better at your swings.

Where can I play golf?

Finding a suitable place to play golf can be quite challenging for new golf players, especially those who don’t have any club or public course near them.

And even if there’s a course, it’s pretty expensive mostly. Even a single round of golf can cost you a lot of money, and that is the reality. However, the driving range can be cheaper, offering 50 or 100 balls within $10-$20. The best way is to play on a proper golf course, but if you cannot afford it, then going to the driving range is the best option.

If you are serious and determined about playing golf, you can also purchase a yearly membership at any club. This will definitely help you save some money and come with a lot of benefits, so it’s undoubtedly worth considering.


Golf is no doubt one of the best American Sports right now, but many people still avoid it due to many issues and circumstances which we have discussed above. But as time is passing by, it’s becoming more accessible for everyone to participate and enjoy golf.

Golf might seem like a frustrating sport initially, but as time passes, you learn the basics and start getting better and better, and the game becomes extremely enjoyable. And obviously, it comes with tons of life lessons and rewards.

We hope that you have liked our complete guide on golf. Make sure to leave your reviews in the comment section below.


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